How to Change Window 7 and 8 User Password without Knowing Old Password

Every One Windows is secured system. You can't enter password protected windows system without knowing Old Password. Actually you can't change password of windows system without knowing old password. So here I present you a trick , with this trick you can change your windows 7 and 8 password without knowing old password. This thing is very useful when you forget your windows password. With this trick you can prank your friends. Here I post this trick with two method. Choose method is easy for you.

Method -1 

Step-1  Press Windows Key and Find Your Computer option in Left side. Righ-Click on Computer and open Manage option.
Computer Mangement

Step-2 Now you see Computer Management Windows open. Click on system Tools>>Local Users and Groups>>Users.

Step-3 Now in Right side you see your PC all PC Users name.

your account

Step-4 Select Account right click on it and Choose Set Password.
set password

Step-5 Now the New Popup open ,click on proceed button. Now you need to Enter the New Password and confirm them, then click on "OK" Button.
set password of windows 7

Step-6 Now your login Password has been successfully changed .you can restart your system and check with your new password. 
So with this trick you can change any Windows System Password without Knowing Old Password.


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