Get 10000 likes comments and followers on facebook

Welcome To AUTOLIKER It TRICKS collection :p 
GET TOKEN : click here
script It TRICKS collection

if you have no idea about this then follow me steps are given 

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Get 10000 likes on fan page


  1. click on click here to get token

   2. you will see add just wait 5 sec then click on skip add to  continue

if you using this first time then first allow app . will see page "1" there will take only 5 sec more. Than you will see page "2" then copy URL of  page "2"  page "1" and "2" is shown below

         page"1"                                                     page"2"

4.paste the copied URL on auto liker script 'liker script'is at the top of this page go and paste 

5.after paste click on submit button then you will see a page asking you for security codes just type the give codes in box and click on continue  will see another page now scroll down and you will see some options chose what you want you will see some adds during this just skip them and enjoy!!


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